My name is Zander & I'm a product designer

I have 6 years of experience designing products in NYC, London and remotely. I write design articles to help busy designers, which I turn into actionable micro books

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I write a new micro book for busy designers


Designing web and mobile SaaS experiences

I studied Fine Art at Oxford University and undertook my masters in Computer Science at New York University. Merging design with development allowed me to quickly become a Full Stack Designer.

I turned down a role at Google, opting to found my own donation startup instead. I was named one of the top 10 young British Entrepreneurs for the contactless donation product.

Ever since I have been focused on leading design teams in growing SaaS startups to build products that people love to use. I've worked with some amazing teams all over the world and like to follow a lean workflow, fuelled by feedback and coffee!

A Lean workflow

  • Hypothesis
    I like to define our hypothesis and how we are going to measure success both quantitatively and qualitatively.
  • Research
    I avoid diving into sketching or designing and prefer to research competitors, customers and take the time to get general inspiration.
  • Wireframe
    Following hand sketches or freehand sessions, I make the most of my low fidelity design kits to rapidly iterate on the early solution.
  • Mockups
    I capitalise on design systems to rapidly mockup sketches following brand and product design guidelines.
  • Prototype
    At the prototyping stage, I focus on interactions and hold a minimum of 5 user tests, uncovering pain points.
  • Test
    Following user testing, I iterate to remove pain points for users and pair during the build.
  • Measure
    ‍This final stage is an opportunity for the team to reflect on what went well and whether the experiment was a success or failure.

Access my actionable micro design books

Learn a new skill, form better design habits or teach your team design fundamentals in 3 minutes vs 3 weeks!
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