Every designer is busy

Helping busy designers memorise in a blink

Founded in 2019 by @zanderwhitehurst, Zander Design Club makes it easy for busy designers to quickly learn or recap key #UX #UI principles in minutes.

Here's how it all started

Meet Zander.

After 7 years of designing products in NYC, London, Sydney and remotely. Like half of millenials, Zander felt the urge to have a fun side hustle and started creating micro articles on instagram for busy designers*.
* Before designing products, he studied at Oxford and gained a scholarship to New York University.
Whilst studying at NYU he founded the first contactless donation platform, which he was named one of the top ten young British entrepenuers for.
During his 7 years as a product designer he has worked for some awesome startups inc Google Ventures funded Yieldify and much loved Hotjar.
He grew a community of 20,000 designers in 2 months and saw a need for busy designers memorise
Too busy?

Busy new designer?

Whether you're trading an old career for a fresh new start or straight outta school, you are busy. Busy practicing. Busy understanding. Busy trying to grasp how and why you need 3 years experience to just become a junior designer?

Busy experienced designer?

Sprint to sprint you are busy researching, mocking, testing and iterating on designs. You even have an allocated learning budget to grow in your role. Realistically, this budget is never spent and you never find time to reflect, absorb and practice new design habits.