Color like no other. 50 pages packed with actionable color learnings. Understand color theory, contrast, accessibility, purpose, selection, gradients, palettes, psychology, pairing, and where to go for inspiration.

Includes FREE Color Design Kit for Sketch and Adobe XD!
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Whats inside?

  • Color theory
    Understand Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and the entire color wheel, section by section.
  • Color codes
    As a product designer, rarely do you work in color names. Understand codes to help handoff
  • Color psychology
    Color impacts customer behaviour so learn how each color can influence your product and brand.
  • Color palette
    Color palettes can be massive. Master organising your color palette efficiently into categories.
  • Color contrast
    Accessibility is huge as a UX/UI designer. Learn how to make colors accessible with contrast.
  • Color gradients
    Gradients are a weapon in your UI. Understand how to use them correctly and how to create your own.
  • Color opacity
    50 shades of blue? Learn how to master using color opacity in your product to create depth.
  • Color preferences
    Make your product personal. Learn how to allow customers to personalise your product color palette
  • Color: Dark themes
    Boo yah! Learn how to master using dark themes in your product and when they work.

FREE Color kit for your next product

As well as 50 pages on applying color to your designs, I've created reusable color palettes to layer into your components. Organised into brand, functional, feedback and accent colors.

Add your brand colors and save hours of time layering your components with color

Color is key to syncing emotions with your product


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