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For designers wanting to learn offline.
  • Download Monthly Micro Book
  • Download Monthly Design Kit
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For designers wanting to learn off and online.
  • Unlimited access to online Micro Books
  • Unlimited access on any device
  • Unlimited downloads of Micro books
  • Unlimited downloads of Design kits
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Pricing FAQ

What is a an offline Micro book?
An offline Micro Book is designed to make it easy for designers to learn something new in 3 minutes vs 3 weeks. They are downloadable books packed with chapters on a new #UX #UI design topic. Every page has a visual example making them practical and super easy to follow and apply.
What is a design kit?
Every Micro book has a design kit included turbo charging you're learning with practical examples, templates and components. Save time and customise each kit to match your brand or product.
What is the difference between offline and online?
Offline is a series of individual books and kits that can be downloaded and digested each month.

Online is a responsive version of the books which can be accessed by logging in to your learning account from any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, anytime, anywhere. As well as access anytime, you can download the books and kits.
What are the advantages of online?
Unlike offline which is a downloaded version, online is more practical for designers who simply login, navigate to a series and digest on the go.
Why do I have to pay?
A typical #UX #UI course can cost up to $10,000! Membership to my series makes it easier and faster for you to master these skills for 1% of the cost. As an independent designer, everything is invested back into the design series to improve the overall learning experience.